Imagine you could experience the warmth and light of Bali, Miami or Mauritius right in the centre of London, combined with receiving authentic Ayurvedic treatments by a clinically skilled Ayurvedic specialist Thomas Mueller.

This unique luxurious combination of both therapeutic effects of Full Spectrum Sunlight and Ayurvedic Therapies is now possible in the specially designed Sun Room at the Wholistic Medical Centre providing you with the following benefits:

• Infrared warmth and full spectrum light
• Calming, deeply relaxing atmosphere
• Profound benefits of Ayurvedic therapies


This imparts a doubly enhancing effect that is deeply transforming – physically, mentally and emotionally.

A truly rare and luxurious treat; well worth an experience.


Ayurvedic consultations provide the key to prevention and wellbeing. The initial consultation offers an assessment of the Ayurvedic body type, the patient’s state of mental and emotional wellbeing using traditional assessment methods such as observation, pulse and tongue analysis. These consultations include advice on diet, lifestyle, stress management, the prescribing of specific herbs and body treatments that would be beneficial to the healing process.


Much of Ayurveda is based on simple routines and practices. As many people today live in a stressful environment with food on the go and constant stimulation, healthy eating habits and routines have disappeared. Even simple signals such as when to stop eating because we are full have been lost, as so many meals are taken in front of a television, possibly contributing to obesity and other eating disorders. In an Ayurvedic consultation or retreat environment, dietary and food requirements are assessed, leading to individual dietary recommendations, which incorporate Ayurvedic principles including the use of specific spices.


The purpose of an Ayurvedic Astrology reading is to promote positive health and wellbeing. It is not designed to predict the future but to look into potential health challenges, to recognise imbalances of the physical, as well as mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. In this consultation your chart, which is previously drawn up using your correct date, time and place of birth, is explained to you in detail. The Ayurvedic Astrology reading can offer a better understanding of your full potential with personalised solutions to health challenges. It can also help unveil a hidden talent or dormant skill that could be the key to greater fulfilment and happiness in life

Your birth details will be needed prior to this consultation in order to prepare your chart.


Based on the patient’s pulse analysis, vital energy points on the body are very gently stimulated using this subtle yet very effective technique. Specific essential oils are selected and gently applied to Ayurvedic marma points – the junction points between our higher self and the physical body. This therapy works primarily on the subtle body level helping address emotional imbalances that may have contributed to disturbances on the physical body level.


This is a traditional Ayurvedic whole body therapy that supports lymphatic flow, immunity and cleansing. It activates the skin, which is the largest eliminative organ in the body. The skin protects all the inner organs, thus maintains health by strengthening your boundaries, which prevents the disease process and enhances self-healing. The oils used have the highest stability to withstand external stresses.


This full body treatment involving two therapists (four hands) provides synchronised rhythmical movements and pressure of the massage strokes has a powerful effect on the central nervous system by helping to balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain. It thereby creates a state of homeostasis, where the body and mind are encouraged to remember how it is to function normally. This is essential for any healing to occur.

Synchronised Abhyanga


An Ayurvedic reflexology treatment that is grounding and relaxing. This therapy changes the biological clock to match the rhythms of nature by focusing on the area between the knees to the feet. It revitalises the entire body and can be useful in the treatment of early signs of depression, insomnia, stress or generally tired feet and legs.


This Ayurvedic therapy focuses on the lower back, the junction point of all nerves and the so-called 2nd brain. It links the spine with our central nervous system and helps to relieve backache, tensions and strains. It also addresses the psychological aspects of the nervous system.


A dam made from dough is placed on a specific area of the back, depending on the needs of the patient. Warm oil is then poured into the dam where it remains to deeply nourish the affected area. Kati Basti acts on the musculoskeletal system and works well with structural changes. It reduces inflammation of the nerves pressing on the bones and addresses chronic back pain. A series of sessions are recommended for this treatment to be effective.

Kati Basti


This is a traditional Ayurvedic head treatment based on the 36 'Marma' or reflex points on the head. The head and brain are the controlling centre and the receiving point of the vital force ‘prana’. This therapy acts on the hypothalamus thus is useful in hormonal conditions, stress and sleep related disorders. It relaxes and soothes the head, neck and shoulders.


This massage is a special, deep tissue therapy, which removes blockages and stimulates lymphatic flow. It soothes those deeper muscular aches and pains, removes stiffness and sluggishness. Vishesha massage is highly refreshing and energizing.


The use of silk gloves in this massage creates gentle friction, which helps to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby, helping to oxygenate cells and stimulate the removal of accumulated toxins. Garshana also breaks down fat deposits; it cleanses and exfoliates the skin and assists the process of normalizing weight.


Ayurvedic “Face lift” using prescriptive and homemade Ayurvedic skin care range

This Ayurvedic facial treatment uses the 'Marma' points or energy points of the head to stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow. A specific technique is used to increase cerebra-spinal fluid and helps to strengthen the nervous system. It also supports normal function of pituitary and pineal glands. This Ayurvedic facial treatment has a toning effect on eyes and inner organs, promoting a healthy complexion and regeneration of a younger looking skin.


In Ayurveda the nose is considered the gateway to the head. Nasal administration of medicated oil in this therapy, gently and deeply clears the nasal and sinus passages, which helps improve sensory perception, hormonal imbalances, clearer thinking and memory. Nasya also improves sinus congestion, respiratory allergies and migraines.


This is a specific eye treatment, to relieve eyestrain and tired eyes, giving rest to the most active sensory organ in the body.


This is a powerful treatment designed to enhance the immune system using pure grade A essential oils. In addition moist heat is used to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. Essential oils are dropped gently on the spine and then lightly massaged in using various techniques. A hot compress is then applied, which facilitates oil absorption and muscle relaxation. During this treatment, the body naturally absorbs high-frequency oils, creating within the body, an environment less hospitable to bacteria, viruses, or other unwelcome microorganisms.

Marma Therapy
Bala Marma treatment given by Thomas Mueller


A familiar environment can often accelerate and support any healing process, for this reason we offer home visits as an additional service for some of the treatments and therapies. `Half or one day packages could include any of the following depending on the needs of the patient: Ayurvedic assessment with pulse analysis, lifestyle advice, Ayurvedic nutrition, yoga and meditation, educational sessions and body treatments.

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