As every aspect of creation is organic, it is made up of five elements, with every human being as an individual creation and combination of these elements.

Within a simple living cell, all five elements can be identified. For example, the element of earth provides the physical structure, the wall and the nucleus. The element of fire regulates metabolic processes, such as the breaking down of complex molecules to produce energy. Water is represented through the cytoplasm or the liquid within the cell membrane. The gaseous exchange reflects the element of air. The space occupied by the cell denotes the last of the five elements akasha, space.

Elemente 01 Elemente 02 Elemente 03

All elements can express themselves in many ways. They all function within us, and are the building blocks of nature. The more we study nature, the more we understand the uniqueness of our own individuality. As we become aware of the interplay of the five elements, we are better able to understand basic Ayurvedic principles.

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