“Thomas has many years of experience in both the teaching and clinical practice of Ayurvedic Medicine with all it's different modalities including: Pulse Assessment, Yoga and Meditation, Ayurvedic Food Therapy, Preparation of specific and unique herbal formulas, Ayurvedic Body Treatments including 'Marma' treatments, Ayurvedic Astrology.
Having experienced all of these amazing treatments with Thomas including a 5 day intensive Ayurvedic Retreat has sparked a deeper interest in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine which has also inspired me to include Ayurvedic Medicine amongst the different holistic services offered at my clinic.”

Dr Shamim Daya, BM DRCOG
Wholistic Medical Centre

"Thomas Mueller has a profound experience of study and practice in Ayurveda. His practice combines an extraordinary dedication with fine-tuned practical versatility and a focus on Panchakarma."

Dr Vijayendra
Honorary Head of Faculty, Ayurvedic Medicine
Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, Auckland

"Thomas is a thoughtful, sincere and dedicated Ayurvedic tutor and practitioner. He has inspired and guided hundreds of students through our programmes. He is dedicated to bringing out the best in his students and clients."

Philip Cottingham
Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
Auckland, New Zealand

“A nurturing, comfortable time where personal inhibitions were put aside as I allowed myself to be guided into new directions. A subtle yet forceful experience. Worthy of reflection. The impact of the treatment took me away from a very negative place and remain working on adopting the self awareness approach.”

Rachael, Mother

“Very calm and relaxing. I felt at ease all the time. Thomas explains what he is doing and what he hopes to have as an end result. After the treatment I felt more energy flow through my body. Felt relaxed and calmer. Systems seemed to function better.”

Heather, Chiropractor

“After experiencing an oil treatment I felt extremely relaxed and for the next couple of days I felt buoyant. It was great and really helped. After meditation I felt very calm and felt I had the tools to improve my anxiety.
The impact of the treatment made me feel in control rather than out of control. Thank you very much Thomas.”

Kate, Student

“Very nice having the treatment, at the end I got quite a lot of pain in the joints and felt tired afterwards. The following day I had much more energy and more feeling in my body. The changes after my treatment with Thomas defiantly gave me more energy. I feel more on the ball.”

Anne, Retired

“Very good, relaxing. After my treatment with Thomas the changes I felt was more energy, connected, inspired and more sense of self. The impact of the treatment was amazing in allowing me to understand and be more aware of myself. Amazing.”

Sarah, Acupuncturist

“Thomas is a pleasure to see and always brings a smile on my face. A calm and gentle person, very knowledgeable.”

Claudia, Marketing

“Immersive, experiential and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your clinical insights Thomas.”

Amy, Student

“Wonderful workshop. Thomas is a great teacher and the deep knowledge of the subject makes learning easy.“

Liz, Manager

“Learned a lot more. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. An excellent teacher with obvious joy and passion for sharing his extensive knowledge in Ayurveda. Thank you Thomas.”

Susan, Ayurvedic Practitioner

“A beautiful experience. For me it shows the importance of understanding the connection between all the different layers of our bodies.”

Gillian, Housewife

“Thomas's approach to Marma and Ayurveda from the consciousness point of view seems the natural and logical approach to health in life.”

Andrew, Student

“So glad I came today to extend my knowledge and experience of Marma Therapy as a relaxation and healing practice.“

Sandra, Mother

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