The main focus of Ayurvedic Medicine involves assessing the quality of the digestive fire or ‘agni ‘which determines the effectiveness of absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food to the rest of the body and vital organs. A good digestion or ‘agni’ will also ensure good and adequate elimination of toxic waste in addition to a peaceful state of mind.

Without stimulating ‘agni’ there is no real ‘power of digestion’, hence the science of cooking with the right spices. To strengthen ‘agni ‘and eliminate disease it is necessary to improve our sense of taste - that is why spices are such an important inclusion in Ayurvedic Medicine. Home remedies and products are prescribed, based on an individual’s complete Ayurvedic assessment to restore a healthy functioning digestive system as a prerequisite to healthy organs and systems.


These home remedies and products are unique:

• All raw ingredients are mostly organic and sourced from reputable companies
   and further tested against pesticides and toxins using the Bio Meridian system.
• These products are made using Kangen water to ensure further removal of any
   possible residual toxins or chemicals.
• They are packaged in Miron glass to enhance their qualities and maintain their
   freshness with sterilising methods in place, natural preservatives, no artificial
   colours or flavours.
• They are hand made by an Ayurvedic practitioner based on traditional formulas
   and preparation methods.
• Some of these products (Ayurvedic herbal paste) can take up to 4 days to

Important note before renewing your prescribed herbal product:

When you have finished your herbal paste / powder or tincture, please arrange to discuss your progress with the practitioner. It is an important part of the Ayurvedic process to have the Ayurvedic practitioner reassess your pulse before renewing your herbal paste/powder or tincture, especially after the first prescription.

Please arrange a suitable time and 30 minute appointment.


Ayurvedic Herbs are an excellent source of food and specific nutrients. Ayurvedic herbal pastes are called 'Rasayana', which are prepared by aqueous and lipid extraction of herbs with synergistic properties.

The four-day preparation involves a series of unique and complex steps based on traditional Ayurvedic nutritional pharmacognosy techniques comparable to culinary arts. The process involves pounding, grinding, soaking, decocting, cooking, seasoning and the use of aromatic herbs as natural preservatives and digestives, as well as carrier such as ghee and honey to maximise their absorption and effectiveness.

The end product is a homemade remedy with the intelligence of time-tested methods of Ayurvedic healing traditions. Your Herbal paste is individually prescribed and freshly made to suit your specific requirements and needs.



Ayurvedic tinctures are easy to use and tend to be more readily absorbed. These are usually prescribed according to individual’s need in a blend providing the synergistic effects of several different herbal tinctures.


Ayurvedic capsules are a combination of specifically chosen herbal powders that are prescribed mostly for convenience and ease of taking for those travelling.


A blend of kitchen spices is specifically chosen to meet an individual’s need, often to aid the digestive process. These are freshly ground and placed in Miron glass jars to maintain their medicinal properties and freshness.


A blend of Ayurvedic herbs is specifically chosen to meet an individual’s need according to their Ayurvedic assessment to correct the underlying imbalances.


This is a special preparation aids bowel movement and is usually prescribed in the context of a cleansing regime.


This unique formula specifically aids the digestive and eliminative processes at the same time. It is warming and soothing and can be taken before meals by itself or mixed with rice, pasta or vegetables to add flavour.

Ayurvedic Digestive Paste


This is a convenient and effective method of warming ‘agni’, assisting the digestive process, especially in cases of low appetite, having overeaten and whilst travelling when food routines are disrupted.


This formula promotes deep and sound sleep. It is warming and comforting making it an ideal bedtime drink mixed with warm milk.


This paste is more potent than the night drink mix as it has gone through a specific cooked process that enhances the properties of the herbs and spices used. It is best taken mixed in warm or hot milk at bedtime.


This formula is specifically useful to take during stressful time. The combination of herbs used has a specific effect on calming the nervous system without causing any sedation.


Whilst being an ideal substitute for coffee or tea this drink also has antioxidant rich properties.


This is an excellent way of using special mineral rich Indian sugar without the adverse effects that sugar normally creates in the body. It is a good way to introduce a person to spices.



These Gloves are made of raw silk and are used for Ayurvedic skin brushing. You can use them on yourself or a massage client. Garshana Massage is an Ayurvedic exfoliation and detoxifying technique that consists of dry lymphatic brushing with raw silk gloves. This enhances circulation and releases static electricity that supports lymphatic flow according to Ayurveda. Silk glove massage can be helpful in weight management, prevention and reduction of cellulite.
These gloves are handmade from high-quality Burette silk according to Ayurvedic recommendation. We suggest hand-wash the gloves before use with a mild detergent. When treated with care they can last many years.

AYURVEDIC TONGUE SCRAPING - Benefits of tongue scraping:

1. The surface of the tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infection in teeth and gums and are often responsible for bad breath. Scientific studies have shown that in approximately 80-95% of cases, bad breath originates in the oral cavity, mainly from material on the rear of the tongue. Tongue scraping is known to reduce bacteria and bad breath up to 75%, thus when incorporated in your daily routine can be fare more effective in combating bad breath than a mouthwash or tooth brushing.

2. Also according to Ayurveda different areas of the tongue are connected to our internal organs. Regular tongue scraping stimulates the reflex zones of our internal organs, which has a beneficial effect on their functions.

3. This tongue scraper is made of pure silver. By using a silver tongue scraper regularly micro particles of silver are being released into the bloodstream, which is an excellent way to improve immunity and to support health and wellbeing.


Yogis have revered copper as an ideal container to positively charge and ionise water before drinking it. When keeping water in a copper cup overnight and drunk in the early morning on empty stomach, it cleanses the colon and regulates elimination. The free radicals and toxic elements are cleared by this procedure.


A ‘Sri Yantra’ is one of the most ancient symbols formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central point. Various research scientists have shown interest in this ancient Vedic ‘Yantra’. The American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan calls the ‘Sri Yantra’ as the ‘king of power diagrams’ and describes its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction.

This particular ‘Yantra’ made of copper has been found to be helpful in protecting against radiation and electro magnetic influences when tested using the Bio Meridian system.

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