The principles of Ayurveda are essentially based on the need to incorporate good routines and rhythms in your life, especially to do with food, movement and stillness. Unfortunately many of us cannot relate to having such natural routines or rhythms in our lives, yet it is important and necessary to relearn or re establish such patterns in order to regain health and well being particularly as we get older in life.

Retreats are ideal for taking you out of your often chaotic environment into a totally different setting of quietness and peacefulness. This helps to introduce some helpful routines aiming to primarily establish normal, healthy digestion, reduce the stress response and rebuild and nurture the body on all levels.

Ayurvedic Treatment

A retreat includes being taught new Ayurvedic routines such as, yoga and meditation, nurturing, warm homemade food with specific ingredients and spices to address your individual needs, Ayurvedic body treatments selected specifically for you based on your metabolic type, tongue and pulse analysis and finally towards the end of your retreat, an opportunity to learn how to prepare some simple meals, digestive tonics and other home remedies.

For anyone interested in an Ayurvedic retreat, it is recommended to have an Ayurvedic pulse assessment first. Then a one day Ayurveda retreat can be a good way to experience some of the Ayurvedic body therapies and relaxation techniques. Once you have already a good understanding of Ayurveda and been able to integrate a few simple lifestyle suggestions and nutritional changes into your daily life, a 5 to 7 day Ayurvedic retreat will be an excellent way to further enhance any practice or healing process.


10.00 am   Relaxation and Meditation
11.30 am   Ayurvedic Therapies
  1.30 pm   Lunch Break, Rest
  2.30 pm   Ayurvedic Therapies
  5.00 pm   Relaxation and Meditation
  5.30 pm   END

Lunch will be a light freshly prepared homemade Ayurvedic meal. Also a nutritious Ayurvedic drink will be served throughout the day.

My experience of the five-day retreat with Thomas and Sue

“Trying to get away from my London based clinic, I arrived frazzled and stressed into Sue’s peaceful and quiet country house setting.
From the initial pulse analysis with Thomas my ‘agni’ or digestive fire was found to be very weak. It took two days of settling into a calmer rhythm. The day began with yoga and meditation followed by rejuvenating morning and mid-afternoon Ayurvedic body therapies with the focus being to regain my digestive fire. The food was simple and delicious - homemade soups with specifically chosen spices and then there was the early night, pre-bedtime drink for a sound sleep. In between my Ayurvedic Therapies I was able to distract my mind by reading, ‘Eat – Love – Pray’.

Valuable Ayurvedic routines taught to me included:

• The value and importance of tongue scraping as part of the morning routine,
• Ginger balls to eat just before each meal to warm up and prepare the
  digestive system to receive food.
• Sipping on hot rice water upon arrival and hot water throughout the whole
• A special mantra for meditation and specific mudra to use during moments of
  stress when back into daily life.

Part of the body therapies included 'Marma', enhanced by the use of specifically chosen essential oils. On my final day I was treated to an Ayurvedic facial and was taught how to make some useful home remedies. Finally I was packed off with a thermos flask, containing hot water infused with freshly chopped ginger and some of Thomas’s special bliss balls.

The retreat was thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating, however it was only three to four days later that I noticed I felt remarkably different and well.”

Dr. Shamim Daya

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