Aphorisms of Wellbeing

A joint discovery of holistic wellbeing by teacher, speaker and ayurvedic doctor Vijayendra Murthy and composer Jo Blankenburg. Weaving together spoken word and music, these aphorisms create a confluence of the rational and emotional channels of receptiveness through which the message will reach deeper and more intuitive levels than would be possible through the spoken word alone. 

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More About Aphorisms of Wellbeing

The Author, Dr Vijay Murthy is an Ayurvedic practitioner, director of a natural Health clinic in London, lecturer and researcher in Public health and health sciences. Born, and raised in India, Dr Murthy has absorbed the eastern wisdom and has a unique ability to explain the ancient scriptures to western audiences. He has inspired numerous radio and television audiences and is currently starting a new programme, Unlock Your Health, on National UK Health Radio.

Aphorisms of Wellbeing are glimpses into Dr Murthy’s own story interwoven with insights and reflections on his experiences as a health seeker and practitioner which present an entirely new perspective on the triggers of health and wellbeing.


In Aphorisms of Wellbeing Dr Vijay Murthy teaches that creativity is a powerful switch for wellbeing. Just as human beings create their own perception of the world they also create their own state of being. Although the concept of “Do it yourself” is not new in alternative and complementary health it is in the ‘aphorisms’ that  we hear a new and authentic message. Dr Murthy uses the language and analogies of the contemporary technology- and information driven age while simultaneously taking us on a journey into the mythologies and wisdom of an ancient past.


In particular this CD offers an authentic voice that addresses a broad range of audiences beyond the followers of self-help- and alternative  and traditional health modalities.

 By telling his own story, Dr Murthy demystifies many New Age -assumptions about eastern spirituality. Spoken and musical components in this CD blend together in a confluence of sound and meaning and open spaces for listeners to dwell and reflect on the spoken messages.


Music in Aphorisms of Wellbeing is by Jo Blankenburg who has worked closely with Dr Murthy in creating this CD.