Elemental Artworks

A group of volunteers, when shown a series of thirty paintings by some of the world’s greatest artists, showed increased blood flow in a part of the brain related to pleasure by as much as ten percent-the equivalent to gazing at a loved one. This may not say much to you; however, for me this is enough evidence to back up my rather contemporary approach to healing, which also led me to engage Justina May Groeber, German-born New Zealand artist to produce this body of work related to the five bodies as displayed at the beginning of each chapter of my book and soon to be available at our Ayuwave online store. 

about the artist

Justina Gröber is a German artist living in New Zealand. Her initial studies of Fine Arts and Teaching Diploma at Franz-Ludwig University, Munich in 1981 were followed by teaching of visual art programs in Southern Bavaria until moving to New Zealand in 1990. She obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia in 2002 and a Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University Auckland in 2008. Through painting and moving image Justina’s work explores the complex relationships between perceptions, imagination and representation. Justina’s paintings are part of private collections, Australia, England and Germany. Her current project on “Elemental Artworks”, in collaboration with Tomaz Mueller creates focal points for inner stillness and contemplation.

“Ever since meeting Tomaz in New Zealand I have noticed a peculiar similarity in how both Tomaz and I relate to the elements of nature. Coming from the entirely different perspective of the visual arts, I resonate strongly with Tomaz’s concepts of the elements, focusing on their deeper meanings as forces within us that ultimately shape our physical and psychological realities.

I was excited therefore when Tomaz asked me to paint each of the elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Whilst working on this project I found myself increasingly immersed, visualising the raw materials of life through the language of colour and the evocative qualities of texture and light. Starting from mere visual translation of Tomaz’s concepts, the images eventually developed their own logic, melting together the sensual and symbolic into my own abstract landscapes.

In as much as trying to capture some of their material qualities, I let myself be guided by my own emotional responses to the elements."

Justina May Groeber 

Call or email for an appointment

Tomaz +44 (0)7423 084930   or   Vijay +44 (0)7554 005190

57 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1G 8YW

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Space: Infinite and All Pervasive

Space or ether was added to the terrestrial four elements later in history. Associated with celestial bodies and their movements it represents infinity and the universe. Contrary to the terrestrial elements, space is eternal and does not move nor change All cells in our bodies are made to a large extent of empty space whereby the microcosm of the body reflects the macrocosm of the universe.