Reviews of The Natural Health Matrix

If you wish to feel more motivated and enthusiastic about life, need more energy or wish to reduce mental stress or lose weight this is the guide for you. By gradually introducing the recommendations he discusses in this book you will see your health improve overnight - you'll sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed, your energy levels will rise and your stress will disolve. or anyone suffering from a chronic illness this book will be invaluable in helping them gain their birthright of perfect health and wellbeing.


I couldn't support Tomaz Mueller more. He is a fine example and this book is a great guide to wellbeing. I support him fully in this book.

Sarah, Duchess of York

In his clinical practice, Ayuwave, Tomaz Mueller combines the best of East and West by incorporating authentic Ayurvedic medicine with modern healthcare ideas. His new book, The Natural Health Matrix, is an excellent resource that will help you reconnect to that area within you where ideal health and wellbeing is a given. If that’s something that has eluded you for some time, then it may be worth exploring the world of Ayurveda. In the book, Mueller includes insight from his own life to illustrate how Ayurveda can have a meaningful and powerful impact on anyone. More than a rundown or Ayurveda’s dosha types, the book includes self-help tips (developed by Mueller over 25 years) that will guide you to your own unique natural health matrix. It’s a potentially life-changing book. “Trust the process, embrace the journey and take action, you will get results” says Mueller.


Essential reading for anyone interested in their long term health.

If you are interested in acquiring better overall heath for yourself then this book is a must. Unlike a lot of books about ancient healing therapies, this one is very clear and easy to follow and has practical advice at the end of each chapter on action to be taken to ensure a good personal result for each reader.. You will learn which body type you have and the foods and activity that goes best with your type by using the Ayurvedic Mind Body Questionnaire at the end of the book. The book is interesting on many levels and throughout, the author weaves in personal stories from his own journey over the past 25 years. It turns out that Thomas is one of the leading Ayurvedic practitioners today and in this book, he has been highly successful in bringing together East and West, incorporating modern technology and making it digestable for anyone with an interest in their wellbeing. A most enjoyable reading experience.

By Ms S G Harvey on 15 July 2014 on

Essential reading for anyone seeking a natural way to achieve health and happiness

I came to Ayurveda as a complete novice, Thomas' book explains in language that anyone can understand, the essential elements of the Ayurvedic approach to achieving a healthy balance in ones life. The fact that Thomas draws on the very personal experiences and learnings from his own journey makes the advice guidance even more relevant and applicable. Thomas's has put everything he has into making this book an excellent place to start ones own journey towards a lifestyle founded on Ayurvedic principles. The reader will not be disappointed and will in fact be delighted. Of course the ultimate aim is better health and a balanced state of mind, readers of The Natural Health Matrix will not be disappointed.

By Simon S on 4 September 2015 on

Thank you for writing such an excellent book!

I have already read the book on Kindle but would also like a hard copy as i know that I will want to dip into and refer to it for long into the future. Thank you for writing such an excellent book, you are clearly very knowledgeable about the subject matter Ayurveda. I also think that you struck a great balance between making the book a personal tale of your own journey and a clear reference guide for others to use. The personal aspects revealed to me as a reader that the book had been written by a real person and prevented the Ayurvedic approach from serving at all prescriptive. Once more, thank you and I wish you al the best. 

By Chloe S on 15 February 2017

I recommend this book to ALL my students of Yoga/Ayurveda!


Thomas Mueller is a very important practitioner of Ayurveda. Some may feel he has a contemporary approach but he is one of the few practitioners that explores Ayurveda as it was originally intended to be applied i.e creatively and in a multi-dimensional way. In this sense I see him as one of the rare, authentic and traditional practitioners of Ayurveda today. This book reflects true grass roots Ayurveda that does not subscribe to the reductive, over medicalised approach that is often seen in contemporary ayurvedic studies. It is a unique offering that although is very accessible to read, loses none of the depth and magic of the subject matter. Quite the opposite; the clarity of the text and beautiful illustrations and art work inspire the reader both artistically and scientifically. Ayurveda being both an experiential art and holistic science is approached beautifully in this book from both angles and brings Ayurveda alive in a way that no other book I have read on the subject has managed to do. The Natural Health Matrix brings Ayurveda back home to it's roots as Yogic medicine and the reader back home to is a very precious offering to humanity and I am deeply grateful to Thomas for sharing it with the world.

By Miss S on March 16, 2017