Aphorisms of Wellbeing (CD)

Aphorisms of Wellbeing (CD)

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An audio CD of spoken words by Dr. Vijay Murthy and musical components by the composer Jo Blankenburg to understand wellbeing in redefining your relationship to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing through the lens of life itself. This CD allows space for listeners to reflect on the meanings of wellbeing while listening the meditative compositions.


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Aphorisms of Wellbeing has 10 chapters which will each follow the same system of blending sonic and metaphorical channels: Each chapter uses an analogy or metaphor to initiate a concept and subsequent message which will finally transpire a mood of inspiration. By synchronising the channels of music and words, this CD tends to resonate naturally with one’s psyche and can act as catalyst for verbal messages, bypassing the harshness of logic and words. This poetic and musical composition aims at a confluence of music and spoken words through which the message will reach deeper and more intuitive levels of understanding, that could possibly not be accessed through the spoken word alone. Aphorisms of Wellbeing aims to activate the innate human knowledge on how to be well.


Aphorisms of Wellbeing is a co-discovery by Dr. Murthy, an ayurvedic doctor, teacher and German composer, Jo Blankenburg, who share a passion and a talent to make a difference in people’s lives. This unique CD recognises that whilst words make a temporary impression in the listener’s minds, music ingrains itself. Music is humble, it doesn’t argue, it doesn’t disagree. Words are merely containers for knowledge, but music is boundless and dissolves into a much deeper layers of our existence. Dr.Vijay Murthy and Jo Blankenburg have successfully managed to fuse the intellectual and sensual channels of words and to create an immediate experience of wellbeing.2