Ayuwave Copper Cup

Ayuwave Copper Cup

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For hydration, improved elimination of toxic waste and to prevent free radical damage, drink water stored in copper cups. Copper is a very powerful antimicrobial, imparting several health benefits. When water is stored in copper cups, especially by keeping for 8-10 hours, ionizes the water. Drinking such water can help in regulating elimination, cleanses the colon, can help in maintaining the body’s pH levels and may help fighting undesirable viruses and bacteria.


How to Use

Keep a cup of water in a copper cup overnight. It is best to cover the cup with a lid and consume first thing in the morning at room temperature. It is also good to store filtered water in a copper vessel as copper continually destroys microbes. It is important to prevent oxidation of copper by cleaning your copper vessel on a regular basis by scrubbing it using salt crystals and a slice of lemon. If you notice any traces of green colour on the inside of the cup, that indicates that copper has been oxidized. Once thoroughly cleaned and dried it is ready to be re-used.

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