Ayuwave Raw Silk Gloves

Ayuwave Raw Silk Gloves

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For a radiant and healthy skin get into the simple habit of 3 minutes daily dry body brushing using nature’s precious fabric, raw silk. Our handcrafted raw silk gloves, by gently exfoliating the skin, help in removing dead skin debris, improve circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, thereby reducing free-radical activity making your skin firm and glowing.


More Information

This is an excellent daily practice for all skin types (sensitive, dry, oily or mixed) to prevent wrinkles, skin damage and accelerated ageing.   Raw silk inhibits bacterial growth, is hypo-allergenic, prevents static electrical charge and is rich in amino acids such as alanine, glycine and serine, which prevents development of wrinkles, encourages cellular repair and healthy cell development. We have travelled across India to source the fabric of highest quality with the appropriate knit and strength to ensure durability which then is crafted into gloves by a passionate tailor in a small village in Germany.


Our gloves are sown with care and attention to detail to ensure style, functionality and sturdiness. The Ayuwave raw silk massage gloves come in a size that fits all and its elastic fits comfortably around the wrist thus preventing them from slipping off. We recommend the gloves to be washed by hand using a washing liquid for wool or delicates or a natural shampoo to protect the fabric. Do not use a clothes dryer but hang to dry instead.


How to Use

A good time to do the Ayuwave raw silk glove massage would be in the morning before shower or bath. Use vigorous strokes, up and down the limbs, around your chest and arms towards the heart region. A more detailed description of the traditional Ayurvedic Garshana massage strokes will come with the product.