Ayuwave Silver Tongue Scraper

Ayuwave Silver Tongue Scraper

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For improving gut health, reducing bacterial overgrowth and bad breath use Ayuwave silver tongue scrapper as a daily detoxification routine prior to brushing your teeth. Tongue scraping, a simple technique, which takes less than a minute is known in the ancient health wisdom of Ayurveda for its health benefits ranging from dental hygiene to improved digestion.


More Information

Tongue scraping can be a first important step towards correcting leaky gut. Ayuwave silver tongue scrapers are made of high quality silver with a very small percentage of copper just enough to mould the silver. By using Ayuwave silver tongue scraper regularly, micro-particles of silver come in contact with the saliva, which can be a way to help improving immunity, fight microbial attack and to support health and wellbeing.


Similar to reflexology points on the feet and hands, the tradition of Ayurveda identifies various areas on the tongue mirroring internal organs such as the digestive tract, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and heart. Changes in the coating on the tongue, appearance of cracks, indentations are believed to be indicators of digestive health in general and functional states of organ systems.


By daily practice of tongue scrapping and paying attention to coating patterns and colours in the various regions, you may become aware of your digestive functions. By removing the coating on your tongue you help remove blocking of pores, thereby enhancing the functioning of your taste buds. Without proper removal of deposits on the tongue, taste buds can become clogged and this can inhibit your sense of taste and often this can lead to cravings and therefore eating disorders. For a thorough tongue analysis, consult a qualified Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine practitioner.


How to Use

Use the tongue scraper by grabbing the two ends and start scraping with the arch from the back of the tongue. Scrape firmly forward several times. Rinse the tongue scraper between each scrape. You should scrape your tongue at least two to three times per cleaning. Wash your tongue scraper thoroughly in hot water, dry and put away.