Pitta Soothing Massage Oil (200ml)

Pitta Soothing Massage Oil (200ml)


Daily oil application or massage with Pitta massage oil is beneficial for those with sensitive skin and a tendency towards irritation. It has a soothing and cooling effect, thus helps to reduce the effect of day-to-day stress. It provides protection and can help balance emotions, relax tense nerves and keeps the mind alert, focused and calm. 


How to use:

Applying Pitta massage oil to the body can cool Pitta and support all of Pitta's functions. Using long strokes along the limbs and circular strokes along the joints, also apply the oil to the scalp, ears, feet, face, chest and the back followed with a warm shoer or bath. 


The soothing  effect of the base oil and the cooling effect of the herbs will invigorate the body and improve vitality. 



  • Sesamum indicum oil
  • Lac
  • Chamomilla recutita
  • Salvia sclarea
  • Foeniculum vulgare
  • Althaea officinails
  • Rosa canina
  • Geraniol**
  • Citronellol**
  • Cital**
  • Farnesol**
  • Linalool**
** from essential oils