The Natural Health Matrix

The Natural Health Matrix

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The Natural Health Matrix is an informed, comprehensive guide to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. It also describes Mueller’s journey and how he began to explore and use the benefits of Ayurvedic philosophies to radically change his own life. His book also includes meditation exercises, massage techniques, food preparation techniques as well as how textures and colour can affect wellbeing and mood.


In this book, Tomaz Mueller shares with you valuable self-help tools that guide you to unveil your unique “Natural Health Matrix”. The treatment methods, principles and procedures described in this book have been proven highly effective on his own personal Ayurvedic journey to maintaining wellbeing, whilst dealing with the challenges that each day brings. These tools have been developed and tested rigorously over twenty five years of Ayuwave clinical practice and Thomas’s own personal life experience and with the understanding that each individual is unique. When it comes to health and wellbeing there is no one size fits all approach.


  • About the Authour

    About the Authour

    Tomaz is a director of AYUWAVE Ltd, a complementary medicine practitioner and internationally known health educator trained in the traditional system of Indian health care called Ayurveda with a special interest in Mind-Body—Medicine. Thomas is one of the leading Ayurvedic practitioners and energy healers today. In his clinical practice he combines the best of the East and West by incorporating authentic Ayurvedic principles and assessment methods into a modern health care practice equipped with the latest state of the art technology in Quantum Medicine.


    Thomas studied Ayurveda in India, New Zealand, Germany and Holland and is accredited with a Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine (2007) from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. He has also been trained in the subtler aspects of Vedic Science, including yoga, meditation and Panchakarma (the Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies) at the Vedic University in Holland (1988-1999). During that time he has worked as an Ayurvedic therapist in many Panchakarma centres around the world, teaching and training hundreds of Ayurvedic therapists and opening centres in various continents around the globe. Thomas’s in-depth understanding of Panchakarma and his diverse and unique training has made him a rare and gifted advocate of holistic therapies.


    In 2010 Thomas completed his Yoga teacher training course from Patanjali Yoga Kendra institute in Bangalore, India.


    In 2005 he completed his Bachelor in Performing Arts at the University of New Zealand, which to a great extend has very much influenced his approach to Ayurvedic therapies by combining eastern traditions, professional standards of contemporary heath care practice, movement and energetic healing through a core focus on creating stillness within.

    After graduating from the London College of Style in 2014 with a Diploma in Personal Styling, Thomas has created his own unique concept of ‘Style4Wellbeing’ – which is more than another approach to personal styling, it is a lifestyle concept that takes beauty and attractiveness beyond the decoration of the physical structure. It is a fusion of the principles of Ayurveda with commonly known styling concepts to create a unique approach to enhancing a person’s wellbeing, a vision to take personal styling beyond the impact of colours on our psycho-emotional wellbeing by understanding your unique Matrix. 

    His intensive years of study in Ayurvedic Medicine internationally, frequent internships at various Ayurvedic institutions and hospitals, especially in India, and his great passion for the arts, have allowed him to incorporate the best of the east and west all leading to the contemporary concepts and approaches of AYUWAVE Natural Health and Wellbeing today.


    What is his Philosophy?

    Every human being is a conglomeration of frequency and intelligence forming various layers, our so called elemental bodies, ranging from the subtle space or awareness body to its grossest construct the earth or physical body.  Our earth body can be seen as the energy and frequency of the subtler levels that manifest in our physical body. Health and wellbeing can be achieved by understanding your unique Matrix, by reconnecting or awakening to your own inner self-healing ability, the key to repair and rejuvenation. Tomaz’s clinical approach to health is entirely designed to activate your own innate self-repair mechanism that then aligns the physical body with its subtler counterparts, be it through nutrition, herbs and supplements, therapies, life-style programmes or through personal styling.


    “My trust in a higher purpose to life, Ayurveda as a discipline, my belief in frequency medicine and quantum healing has taken me on a journey that I could never have anticipated. This life experience combined with my passion for the arts, places me in a unique position to translate ancient Ayuredic concepts into contemporary reality.”