‘Style4Wellbeing’ takes beauty and attractiveness beyond the decoration of the physical structure. It is a fusion of the principles of Ayurveda with commonly known styling concepts to create a unique approach to enhancing a person’s wellbeing.​

Wellbeing reaches far beyond optimised physical health, good nutrition and exercise. Only when physical Wellbeing is fully integrated with its subtler aspects such as mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, as well as taking into consideration the social, occupational and environmental aspects, we can speak about a total wellbeing experience.


‘S4W’ brings together all of the above factors by firstly identifying your unique and authentic personality based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda.

  • Are you interested in simple rejuvenating and detoxification programs that help you match your current body shape with your actual body frame?


  • Would you like to know your predominant elemental body personality and how to enhance those elements that you may lack or wish to enhance?


  • Would you like to explore how style is being used to align your physical body with its subtler counterparts?


  • Are you keen to explore Wellbeing from the outside in AND inside out?


  • Do you find it difficult to shift an illness oriented mind-set to an experience of improved Wellbeing?


  • Are you interested in the ‘Ultimate You’ experience, where we apply well-known styling theories in combination with the principles and concepts of the ancient wisdom traditions of Ayurveda?


  • Are you keen to explore and understand how colour, fabric, design, jewelry and scent can be a pathway to Wellbeing?


  • Do you wonder what scent or gemstone could enhance your true personality?


  • Are you looking for alternative solutions to toxic skin and body care products?