Female, 31 years, diagnosed with endometriosis 

I met Thomas as I was researching Ayurveda practitioners in London. His holistic approach stood out and it was I was looking for at the time.  I went to see Thomas after being diagnosed with Endometriosis, traditional medicine could only do so much: surgery and hormonal therapy. I was still in pain, I did not have control over my body and felt like traditional medicine could not solve the root cause of the condition.

I had several consultations with Thomas over the course of a few years and at first he suggested the approach and the little by little he helped me get better with manageable changes and treatments.

Thomas approach is radically different to anyone I had seen so far. He reviewed at the whole body and the impact that mind, emotions and spiritual well being had on me. He made me realize for the first time that some of the symptoms I was having with endometriosis could be managed and cured with an holistic approach. He not only helped me to cure endometriosis but also improve my approach in managing emotions, stress and overcome difficulties. After a while I started to notice the positive changes in my body and I felt better overall. 

People around me started to notice that something was changing in me and they could not quite understand what exactly had changed. They could only see the outer changes but a lot more had changed for me, I was on my journey to cure endometriosis and be pain-free, I found that nutrition played a key role in well being, I started meditating every day and could cope with stress at work/home much better. 

I would definitely recommend Thomas, he helped me regain control of my life and for the better. He helped me overcome the physical challenges of endometriosis while taking me on a ayuverdic journey. Even now that I am pain free, I still follow best practices that Thomas has taught me. 

Maggie, 67yrs

I first met Dr.Vijay Murthy when he became my tutor and supervisor for a Master's degree in  Ayurvedic Medicine.  Impressed with his knowledge, expertise and dedication to Ayurveda, I decided to have a consultation with him for metabolic conditions ie hypothyroidism, hypertension,  raised cholesterol.

Not long after starting treatment, I experienced an increase in energy, my blood pressure began to lower significantly and my health and wellbeing has continued to improve.

I find that as Vijay combines Ayurveda with his knowledge of Naturopathy and western medicine, these disciplines are brought together to form creative treatment plans which are always practical and with manageable objectives.  Consultations are detailed, focused and never rushed. Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plans are explained clearly and confirmed in writing. Vijay shares information freely and listens to your concerns and any questions you may have, so you participate in and contribute to the management of your  health care. I look forward to his consultations with a positive outlook.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vijay to anyone seeking help with their health, secure in the knowledge that they will receive the best possible Ayurvedic healthcare

Philip Foster, 53 years

Tomaz Mueller, the Magic Doctor  - My journey with Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author and Yoga Teacher Tomaz Mueller has been extraordinary, far beyond any conventional medicine and care I have experienced in the UK. Just as a photographer focuses his lens,  Tomaz focused my physical, mental and spiritual life - In both the work place and in my private life stresses and anxieties dissipated and energy levels rocketed. My mindset and awareness of self sharpened and in all areas of my life, goals and successes were achieved with far greater joy. The joy of living.  Most importantly, the Ayurvedic journey  makes sense and I am forever grateful that Tomaz has transformed my life. Both Tomaz Muller and Ayurveda come with the highest recommendation.

Karolina, 32 yrs

I met Dr.Vijay Murthy while studying for the postgraduate degree in Ayurvedic Medicine at the Middlesex University in London. Dr Vijay was one of my lecturers during my final year of study. During the last months of my degree I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since that moment I have embarked on a journey to find a suitable holistic treatment plan to help myself. I have approached Dr Vijay for advice and he kindly agreed to see me for a consultation at his London clinic. We considered my disease from multiple angles including an Ayurvedic treatment approach. We also spoke about nutrition and life style choices for me to consider. For me as someone who has been studying Ayurveda myself and believes in the holistic approach to disease treatment it was very important to talk to a medical practitioner who understands and supports such philosophy. Dr Vijay certainly does and in result I felt understood and supported. I have implemented some of Dr Vijay’s recommendations into my treatment plan. I hope to see Dr Vijay again in the future for a follow up appointment. And I also hope that many other patients would be able to benefit from his knowledge and open-minded approach to creating well-being.  

Paula, mid 30s

I'm a yoga teacher and I'm quite familiar with the Ayurvedic approach to healing the mind/body, but Tomaz's method just blew me away! After an initial consultation and some tests done on me in his clinic, he correctly established what is not right with me without prior telling him what was my major current health trouble. I just love the way Tomaz combines the Ayurvedic ancient wisdom with principles of the Quantum world of flow of energy on a cellular level. Based on that Tomaz can quickly diagnose the health troubles; potential ones and already present ones.  

I now visit Tomaz regularly, he is a major part of my healing process. Thank you Tomaz


My name is Caroline and I first heard about Ayurveda from my sister who, after years of creams and medications from her GP for her eczema had little effect, she found success in Ayurveda. My sisters Ayurvedic Dr recommended Dr.Vijay Murthy to me after I was diagnosed with PCOS and was suffering from irregular periods and ovary pain. The medical options available to me would have consisted of the contraceptive pill and Metformin which I did not want, so I decided to try a natural, holistic approach. Dr.Vijay is very kind, calm and approachable. My first consultation with Dr.Vijay was very thorough, he took my medical history and my dietary intake, all done in a non judgemental way and he suggested some better dietary options for me and supplemental intake. After 2 weeks my menstruation was on time and now regular for the past 3 months, I also experienced better sleep, more energy, increased concentration, and less stress. I have already recommended Dr.Vijay Murthy to friends. 

Christian, 66 years

I knew Tomaz through a common friend specialist of Pilates and rehabilitation. I am a yoga and meditation practitioner already interested by Ayurveda and I was happy to find a Western specialist who could put together the science of Ayurveda to my level and it has been a discovery throughout my experience with Tomaz .Ayurveda like Yoga or meditation need to be experienced by oneself to have effect but without the guidance of Thomas I would not have been able to have access of what is most important i.e. a level of self consciousness of our body. I was obsessed by my level of cholesterol , which happens to be genetically high , when I knew Tomaz : it is still somewhat a little high but my overall and organ specific health has definitely much improved and I have learnt to have my own diet, result of my body reactions to various foods . I like very much Tomaz's  global approach of body and mind serenity , Ayurveda being a very important component by what we are eating everyday .

Maya Tiwari, World Spiritual Teacher

We do not become healers. We come into the world as healers. We do not become artists . We come as artists. Tomaz Mueller is both an extraordinary healer and a true artist.

Renate McNay, 67 years

I was always fascinated by Ayurveda and read many different  books about it and was therefore very happy when my Wholistic Doctor introduced me to Tomaz Müller. I then had Menopausal issues, Insomnia, Neck Problems….just to name a few. Tomaz took my pulse and I seemed to become  an open book for him and it still amazes me over and over again how accurate his diagnosis is through reading my pulse. Tomaz mainly gives me Marma Therapy which I love, it’s the King of Therapy in Ayurveda. It focuses on the subtle energy and its access points to body, mind and consciousness. Every time I leave a session with him I feel so uplifted and healthy, it puts me in contact with the divinity of my body which is the living part of the totality of my Being.. He also did the Ayurvedic Astrological chart for me which is a bit different to our western understanding. It is fascinating and very helpful in understanding my life’s journey. Through Tomaz's gentle guidance I feel very well these days, I see him regularly and feel that I do the utmost for my body and mind in staying healthy and ageing gracefully. I highly recommend Tomaz because my experience with him and Ayurveda is very beautiful.

Iain, 70 years

I feel that Tomaz combines the very best of the old with the cutting edge of the new. Ayurveda is 5,000 years old, a very ancient wisdom and when you see Tomaz he can look at his computer and accurately interpret where your body is in a few minutes within the context of Ayurveda by using modern, state of the art technology.


I probably haven’t been one of his easier clients. I am not so young these days and past life style together with previously undiagnosed conditions have certainly made their mark. But he helps keeps me going with his remedies and advice and for that I am very grateful. He is a caring man who takes his work very seriously and I always feel supported by him. 


Nitesh, CEO, Mid 40s

Tomaz has an acquired holistic skill which he freely shares when you meet him, I met Tomaz a few months ago and was unsure of what to expect by approaching an Ayurveda professional. I was soon put at ease by Tomaz who “read me like a book” after completing his initial analysis. He genuinely took an interest in my health and gave me confidence & reassurance. His unique Ayurveda teachings permit him to reach the root cause of issues swiftly & without distraction. Whether he offers powders, oils or tincture (or a combination of all 3) just take them because the whole process… works!


I also took the opportunity to learn “real meditation” or “restful alertness” from Tomaz & con say truly this has opened me to a world of peace, tranquillity & control. His technique has allowed me to remove mind clutter and focus my  attention. Only recommended for those who have tried the internet and not succeeded & now want to have an amazing experience.”